Sunday, July 4, 2010

pubs & pillows of potatoes

I love gnocchi. Perfectly executed, each dumpling should be a little pillow of potato--soft and delicate. In an ideal world, every gnocchi would be made correctly and I would never have to wait in trepidation for my dinner, fearing that I would be faced with tough rubbery mounds drowning in marinara sauce.

We do not live in an ideal world. I've had some awful experiences. You can can imagine my anxiety after ordering gnocchi con funghi at a pub on the Dingle Peninsula.

I was presently surprised, however, as my spud dumplings were soft and nearly melted in my mouth. They were covered in a silky parmesan cream sauce, sprinkled with a drizzle of pesto and finished with slices of parmesan. Perfetto.

IMG_5622 IMG_5625

John Benny Moriarty's Pub won the Hospitality Ireland Best Pub Award in 2009 (and for good reason! Our server was attentive, friendly and informative. The atmosphere was great, too! Check out the wall decor!)

IMG_5672 IMG_5626


  1. I've never tried gnocchi, mostly because of all the horror stories I've heard, but maybe I should give it a chance because it sounds fantastic! I just need to find a good place :)

  2. Max Amore's in Glastonbury has really delicious gnocchi. They're huge and pillowy and melt in your mouth, though they're served with marinara (I'm sure you could ask for a substitution if it's not your thing!)