Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"Java’s is an unforgettable place with exquisite homemade food prepared in the best French and Irish cooking traditions."

That was taken from their website, but it says it perfectly. Their menu is a refreshing change from the pub food found throughout the city centre. Java's offers a vast array of crepes (both savory and sweet), tapas, tartines, panini, dessert and salads. Though I walked by it every day, I discovered this place at the end of my trip. I was sad that I didn't know about it sooner, but it was probably for the best, as their food is so good I would have never gone anywhere else (and the menu is pretty extensive so I wouldn't have had to have the same thing twice!).

IMG_6226 IMG_6224

(my first experience - sitting upstairs in the late afternoon on the broken in couch, eating a luscious pear and chocolate crepe topped with fresh whipped cream)


(next it was somewhere close to 2am... [they're open til 4am daily in the summer!]. I had the savory crepe special of the day. Sausage, cream cheese and scallions in a buckwheat crepe)


(the second to last night of the trip... I got the tapas, each served on a flaky baguette: chorizo with slices of parmesan, chorizo and caramelized onion spread, fig jam and parmesan slices)


If you want a place to relax with friends where you can sit and catch up for hours over good food and a glass of wine (or a crepe and a cup of tea), Java's is your spot. If piano is your forte, there's a grand piano upstairs that anyone is welcome to play on. If you like tapas, stop by between 6-8pm for amuse gueules, where you can get a plate of small bites with a glass of wine.

Java's French Bistro and Wine Bar
17 Upper Abbeygate Street
Galway, Ireland

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