Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my day (in food)

breakfast = simple, but hit the spot. (I dunno when I started liking egg yolks, but I do and an egg on toast and tea was the perfect start to the day)

by the time I ate breakfast, it was lunchtime. I almost ate here, but thought that Joyce would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that there was a restaurant serving chicken quesadillas for €8 in his name... and I went to the Joyce Centre and got my fill of real Joyce instead.

Dinner was a messy treat. We stopped at GBK - Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Temple Bar and I had chips (admittedly not the greatest... slightly overcooked and small--not the wedges with a crispy outside and a hot starchy inside like the ones I pictured in my head) and a low-rise (4oz) burger with bleu cheese, mayo and lettuce, tomato and red onion. The menu said it had relish, which I thought was mixed with the cheese and mayo (it looked like tartar sauce), but two bites in I was surprised to find a cranberry relish. Without it, the sauce (for lack of better word) was creamy and mild, with a slight tang from the cheese. When the relish was introduced into the mix, the seemingly perfect burger got even better. Sweet relish with a slight (surprise) tartness meets creamy tangy cheese aoli (can we call it that? well, I just did) on a perfectly char-grilled burger. Ohh yeah.

Check out the Gourmet Burger website for a beefed up version of their offerings (har har)

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