Thursday, June 17, 2010

more parks, more cupcakes, a little less satisfaction

Today was the National Museum and National Library (woo Yeats exhibit!). The National Museum had a great cafe with very tempting food/desserts, but it was too early for lunch, so I settled for a coffee.

IMG_4049 IMG_4048

When we were done, our professor told us that the World Street Performance Olympics were going on, so we grabbed sandwiches at the Runner Bean and made our way over to Merion Square. (the Runner Bean had a ton of specials like soup and a sandwich for €5 or a make-your-own sandwich with two fillings and a coffee/tea for €5 and tons of organic, gluten-free, free-range products for pretty cheap)
IMG_4057 IMG_4055

I picked the parma (ham) pesto panini with melted brie. Delicious.

IMG_4070 IMG_4084
IMG_4091 IMG_4094
Fantastic atmosphere for a picnic lunch--we had the chance to see a funny (yet hairy) performer named Derek Derek from San Francisco and this act called Quick Change from Chicago. They were my favorite--if you get a chance, look them up on youtube. They've been featured on America's Got Talent and Oprah in addition to performing for 3 US presidents.

Then, in pursuit of a bakery called Buns, I ran into two Canadian tourists who needed help finding their hostel, which was supposed to be up the street from said bakery. I helped them to their hostel, but Buns was nowhere to be found. A few turns later and I hit the Parnell shopping center where I stumbled upon Johnny Cupcakes.
IMG_4099 IMG_4103IMG_4102
They were pretty, but kind of generic looking and I wasn't wowed. (these photos might give them too much credit)

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